Killer Techniques For On Page Seo For a Website or Blog in 2020

Killer Techniques For On Page Seo For a Website or Blog in 2020:- Friends, today I will talk about some killer techniques of seo that you can increase the ranking of your website much higher in Google.
Killer Techniques For On Page Seo For a Website or Blog in 2020

What Is On Page Seo:-

Friends seo has two parts off page seo and on page seo and today I will tell you about on page seo, friends on page seo is very much needed to rank any website or blog in Google. if you post If you do not do on page seo, then your post will never rank in Google and you will not get to see traffic on your website, so today I will tell you about some killer techniques of on page seo.

Killer Techniques For On Page Seo:-

1. Keyword Research:- Friends, keyword research is very important for on page seo, if you do not do keyword research, then it does a lot of harm for you and your on page seo, you must know that the keyword you are working on To check how much competition is there, you can read my other post which is about Keyword Everywhere tool by clicking here, you can also read it.

2. Seo Image Optimization:- Friends, in order to rank any blog and website in Google, it is very important to do seo image optimization. To do seo image optimization, you have to click on any image or photo you have used in your blog post and click on the properties By clicking on the button, he has to paste the title of his post and also you have to put the title of your post in the caption, this will make your post seo image optimization.

3. Length Of Your Content:- Friends, for good on page seo the lenght of your post should always be more, meaning your content should be longer. Any post you are writing should contain at least 400-1000 words only then your post will rank quickly in Google.

4. Write Unique Posts:- Friends, you should always write unique content for good on page seo. If you write unique posts, the chances of your post being ranked in Google increases and more traffic starts coming to your website.

5. Choose a Good Template:- Friends, if you use a good and beautiful template for your website, then your website attracts your visitors and your content looks even better. If you do not know what a good blogger template is, then you can click here You can also read other posts.

Friends, I hope you have liked this post of "Killer Techniques For On Page Seo For a Website or Blog in 2020" and you must have got good information about on page seo as well.